US Patent No. 9,992,886


Patent No. 9,992,886
Issue Date June 05, 2018
Title Waterproof Type Control Apparatus
Inventorship Mitsunori Nishida, Tokyo (JP)
Osamu Nishizawa, Tokyo (JP)
Wataru Tamura, Tokyo (JP)
Keishi Jinno, Shizuoka (JP)
Kouichi Ohyama, Shizuoka (JP)
Assignee Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Tokyo (JP) YAZAKI CORPORATION, Tokyo (JP...

Claim of US Patent No. 9,992,886

1. A waterproof type control apparatus comprising:a circuit board sealed and housed in a casing including a cover and a base having a mounting surface;
a connector housing which is a resin molded member mounted at one side of the circuit board and exposed from a side surface opening of the cover; and
a plurality of first connection terminals press-fitted into a partition wall of the connector housing, wherein
one end of each first connection terminal is connected to the circuit board, and another end of each first connection terminal is connected in a contact conductive manner to a second connection terminal provided within a mating connector, so that the waterproof type control apparatus is connected to a wire harness which is outside the casing,
the connector housing includes an outer annular peripheral wall which is provided at an outer side of the partition wall and to which the mating connector is fitted,
a waterproof packing for preventing water from entering a closed space including a contact conductive portion between each first connection terminal and each second connection terminal is provided between an end surface portion of the outer annular peripheral wall and the mating connector,
a water-repellent filter which is a flat porous material including a plurality of fine pores which block entry and passing of water droplets into the casing and allow atmospheric air to freely pass therethrough is fixed in a close contact manner to an inner wall of the partition wall,
the water-repellent filter includes an inner surface portion communicating with an inner space of the casing and an outer surface portion communicating with a breath ventilation hole through which outside air is introduced,
at the breath ventilation hole, water barrier walls are disposed at three sides of an atmospheric opening surface penetrating the partition wall, and a poured water blocking wall is disposed which at least partially blocks either one of poured water in a first direction flowing from a cover side plane to a base side plane or poured water in a second direction flowing from the base side plane to the cover side plane and releases the other poured water, and
the poured water blocking wall at least partially blocks one of the poured water in the first direction or the poured water in the second direction based on whether the base is mounted on a floor surface or a ceiling surface,
wherein a throttling hole portion is provided such that a hole diameter of the breath ventilation hole is small at a position of a depth portion thereof that communicates with the outer surface portion of the water-repellent filter.