US Patent No. 9,992,883


Patent No. 9,992,883
Issue Date June 05, 2018
Title Clasp Assembly And Data Interconnection For Wearable Computing Devices
Inventorship Gregory A. Peek, North Plains, OR (US)
Mark R. Francis, Portland, OR (US)
Andy S. Idsinga, Portland, OR (US)
Assignee INTEL CORPORATION, Santa Clara, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,992,883

1. A wearable computing device comprising:a computing component;
a power supply; and
a wearable band, the wearable band including a first member and a second member with a separation point preventing an electrical connection between the first member and second member, the first member including at least the computing component and the power supply, and a clasp assembly for opening and closing the wearable band, the clasp assembly further including a data connector, the data connector to provide access both to the power supply to charge the wearable computing device and to the computing component to access data in memory of the wearable computing device included in the first member;
wherein the data connector is accessible when the clasp assembly is in an open state and is concealed when the data connector is in a closed state, and wherein the second member of the wearable computing device does not receive power when the clasp assembly is in the open state.