US Patent No. 9,992,882


Patent No. 9,992,882
Issue Date June 05, 2018
Title Electronic Control Unit
Inventorship Dong Gi Lee, Uiwang-si (KR)
Assignee Hyundai Autron Co., Ltd., Seongnam-si (KR)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,992,882

1. An electronic control unit comprising:a housing which has an opening opened at one side of the housing;
a printed circuit board which is accommodated in the housing and has electronic control elements mounted on the printed circuit board in order to perform a control operation; and
a connector which is connected with the printed circuit board and coupled to the opening of the housing,
wherein a pressure correcting means, which connects an interior of the housing and an exterior of the housing and corrects pressure in the housing, is provided in the connector,
wherein the pressure connecting means includes a venting hole and a venting channel,
wherein the venting hole is exposed to the outside of the housing and provided in the connector, and
wherein the venting channel connects the venting hole with the interior of the housing and is formed along a side surface of the connector.