US Patent No. 9,985,392


Patent No. 9,985,392
Issue Date May 29, 2018
Title Electrical Connector
Inventorship Yong-Chao Li, Shanghai (CN)
Jun Yin, Shanghai (CN)
Assignee Molex, LLC, Lisle, IL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,985,392

1. An electrical connector, which is used to correspondingly mate with another mating connector, comprising:an insulating body which comprises a housing and a tongue extending forwardly out from the housing;
a plurality of conductive terminals, each conductive terminal having a mating portion exposed on the tongue and a soldering portion extending backwardly out from the housing;
wherein the electrical connector further comprising:
a metal inner shell which surrounds to form a first frame, the first frame being fixed on the insulating body and surrounding a rear portion of the tongue to form a mating cavity;
a metal outer shell which surrounds to form a second frame, the second frame encircling an outside of the first frame, the metal outer shell being electrically connected with the metal inner shell together, a plurality of soldering legs extending out from two sides of the metal outer shell; and
an insulating outer shell which is engaged with the metal outer shell integrally, a rear portion of the insulating outer shell being formed with a receiving cavity;
wherein the metal inner shell being correspondingly inserted in the receiving cavity, the insulating outer shell surrounding a front portion of the tongue and forming an insertion opening, the insertion opening being integrally communicated with the mating cavity along a front-rear direction.