US Patent No. 9,982,912


Patent No. 9,982,912
Issue Date May 29, 2018
Title Furnace Cabinet With Nozzle Baffles
Inventorship Nathan Wagers, Henderson, TX (US)
Rosario Totaro, Ewing, NJ (US)
Bright Wei Liang Sun, Shanghai (CN)
Shuo Zhao, Shanghai (CN)
Assignee Trane International Inc., Piscataway, NJ (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,982,912

1. A furnace, comprising:a furnace cabinet;
a primary heat exchanger;
a secondary heat exchanger located upstream relative to the primary heat exchanger with regard to location within a circulation airflow path;
a first baffle carried by a first wall of the furnace cabinet; and
a second baffle carried by a second wall of the furnace cabinet, wherein the second baffle is located opposite the first baffle, and wherein the second wall is located opposite the first wall;
wherein each of the first baffle and the second baffle comprises a respective twice bent plate defining respective and opposing lower portions, middle portions, and upper portions, and
wherein the first baffle and the second baffle cooperate to form a nozzle within the furnace cabinet.