US Patent No. 9,980,306


Patent No. 9,980,306
Issue Date May 22, 2018
Title Ue Device And Method
Inventorship Fei Shi, Shanghai (CN)
Assignee Shanghai Langbo Communication Technology Company Limited, (CN)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,980,306

1. A method used in UE, comprising:generating a discovery signal (DS) including configured information, wherein the configured information includes both of the following:
first information: whether U1 is in the coverage of a service cell or not; and
fourth information: an index of a time frequency resource block R1-included subframe among S candidate subframes, which are within a current time window and are used for the DS transmission;
transmitting the DS to another UE on the time-frequency resource block R1, so as to establish a Device-to-Device (D2D) communication connection;
wherein the U1 is the transmitter of the DS, or the U1 is the head of a D2D group in which the transmitter of the DS camps, the time window is a periodic and continuous time window which is maintained by the U1, the indexes of frames in the time window are from 0 to L?1, L is the maximum value of System Frame Number (SFN) plus 1, S is a positive integer not greater than 10 times of L, and the G_ID is an integer of the D2D group.