US Patent No. 9,980,151


Patent No. 9,980,151
Issue Date May 22, 2018
Title Method And Device For Transmission On Unlicensed Spectrum In Ue And Base Station
Inventorship Xiaobo Zhang, Shanghai (CN)
Assignee Shanghai Langbo Communication Technology Company Limited, (CN)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,980,151

1. A method for transmission on an unlicensed spectrum in a UE, comprising:Step A: receiving a higher layer signaling to obtain S and V, wherein the S is L configuration information, the V is N logical information, each of the configuration information comprises a carrier index and a working frequency band, and each of the logical information comprises at least one of the following:
a carrier logical index;
an antenna information, wherein the antenna information comprises a transmission mode; and
a cross carrier information, wherein the cross carrier information comprises a serving cell index;
Step B: receiving a first DCI, wherein the first DCI comprises a virtual index, a physical index and a scheduling information, and the scheduling information comprises a DMRS cyclic shift indication; and
Step C: transmitting a first uplink data from the working frequency band of a first configuration information in a given sub frame according to the scheduling information of the first DCI;
wherein, the first DCI complies with a configuration of a first logical information, the first logical information is that one logical information of the V with the carrier logical index being equal to the virtual index of the first DCI; all the working frequency bands of the S belong to the unlicensed spectrum, the L is a positive integer, the N is a positive integer not greater than L, and the first configuration information is that one configuration information of the S with the carrier index being equal to the physical index of the first DCI.