US Patent No. 9,977,194


Patent No. 9,977,194
Issue Date May 22, 2018
Title Wide Temperature Range Optical Fiber Connector With Thermal Expansion Compensation
Inventorship Mark Waldron, Poplar Grove, IL (US)
Malcolm H. Hodge, Chicago, IL (US)
Wenzong Chen, Naperville, IL (US)
Dean A. Richardson, Wilmette, IL (US)
Jannick Armand, Ettlingen (DE)
Michael J. Gardner, Geneva, IL (US)
Assignee Molex, LLC, Lisle, IL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,977,194

1. An optical fiber assembly comprising:an optical fiber having a forward end;
a ferrule supporting the optical fiber;
a beam expanding element aligned with the forward end of the optical fiber; and
a thermal expansion compensation element adjacent the optical fiber to compensate for thermal expansion differences between the optical fiber and the ferrule, wherein the beam expanding element is a resilient lens within a forward passage of the ferrule and the forward end of the optical fiber engages the resilient lens, wherein the ferrule includes a central bore to receive the optical fiber which is secured to a rear section of the ferrule, and wherein the ferrule is configured to permit, when contracting, the forward passage to move rearwardly towards the rear section, shortening the distance between the rear section and the rear surface of the resilient lens and causing the forward end of the optical fiber to press further into and further deform the rear surface of the resilient lens.