US Patent No. 9,974,377


Patent No. 9,974,377
Issue Date May 22, 2018
Title Dual-ended Lip Balm Container
Inventorship Matthew Clifton Keller, Richmond, VA (US)
David Dombrowski, Williamsburg, VA (US)
David Charles Fuhrmeister, Chester Springs, PA (US)
William H. Valls, Loveland, OH (US)
Zachariah S. Simmering, Mansfield, OH (US)
Jonathon Keith Markey, Greensboro, NC (US)
Assignee Pfizer Inc., New York, NY (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,974,377

1. A method for filling a lip balm mold comprising transferring a molten lip balm composition into the lip balm mold through an aperture in a partition in the lip balm mold to a fill level approaching the partition but not touching the partition;wherein said lip balm mold comprises:
a liner comprising a domed upper liner section, a lower liner section with a liner perimeter, a liner exterior, a liner interior having a lower liner interior and an upper liner interior, and a first liner engagement assembly on the lower liner interior; wherein the liner perimeter optionally has a cap engagement assembly; and
a base comprising an upper base section having a base top edge, a lower base section, a partition dividing the upper base section and the lower base section and extending to a base perimeter, the partition having a partition bottom and a partition top, with the partition top having an outer partition top section and an inner partition top section, an aperture in the partition, an upper base section exterior wall comprising a second liner engagement assembly which aligns with the first liner engagement assembly and engages the lower liner interior with the upper base section exterior wall, an upper base section interior wall, a plurality of stabilizers arising from a first area adjacent to the upper base section interior wall on the inner partition top section, rising to a level at or near horizontal with the base top edge and extending radially inward to a second area overhanging the aperture, a gap between each stabilizer and the upper base section interior wall, and a base engagement assembly on the lower base section which provides releasable engagement of a lower base section on a first lip balm mold with a lower base section on a lip balm applicator, a lip balm dispenser, or a second lip balm mold, wherein the base has three to six sides;
wherein the liner and the base are engaged through the first liner engagement assembly and the second liner engagement assembly, and
the engaged liner and base are inverted such that the partition bottom is facing upward.