US Patent No. 9,968,015


Patent No. 9,968,015
Issue Date May 08, 2018
Title Cases Having Selectable Rf Shielding
Inventorship C. A. Byler, Tempe, AZ (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,968,015

1. A case comprising,a housing,
a shielding enclosure disposed within the housing; and
a slidable member;
wherein the slidable member is configured to be moved, relative to the shielding enclosure, between a first position and a second position, when in the first position, the slidable member covering one or more windows in the shielding enclosure so as to substantially block radio frequency energy from passing through the one or more windows, and when in the second position the slidable member aligning one or more openings in the slidable member with the corresponding one or more windows in the shielding enclosure to permit radio frequency energy to pass through the one or more aligned openings; and
wherein the slidable member and the shielding enclosure include RF shielding material except for the opening, which does not include RF shielding material.