US Patent No. 9,968,011


Patent No. 9,968,011
Issue Date May 08, 2018
Title Systems And Methods For Dynamically Updated Thermal Options Based On Thermal State
Inventorship Hasnain Shabbir, Round Rock, TX (US)
Dominick A. Lovicott, Round Rock, TX (US)
Assignee Dell Products L.P., Round Rock, TX (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,968,011

1. A system comprising:a temperature sensor configured to sense an inlet ambient temperature associated with an
information handling system;
a cooling subsystem comprising at least one cooling fan configured to generate a cooling
airflow in the information handling system; and
a thermal manager communicatively coupled to the temperature sensor and the cooling subsystem and configured to, based on determined values of parameters that include the inlet ambient temperature, a maximum power consumption level of the information handling system, a maximum airflow rate capable of being generated by the at least one cooling fan, and a hardware configuration of the information handling system, calculate a lowest possible maximum exhaust temperature indicative of the lowest exhaust temperature that is achievable for the information handling system based on the values of the parameters;
wherein the system is configured to present thermal control options to a user based on the calculated lowest possible maximum exhaust temperature, the thermal control options including at least one of:
selection of a maximum exhaust temperature of the information handling system; or
selection of a desired difference between an exhaust temperature of the information handling system and the inlet ambient temperature; and
wherein the system is further configured to alter a speed of the at least one cooling fan based on the user selecting at least one of the thermal control options.