US Patent No. 9,967,986


Patent No. 9,967,986
Issue Date May 08, 2018
Title Semiconductor Package And Method Therefor
Inventorship Atapol Prajuckamol, Klaeng (TH)
Chee Hiong Chew, Seremban (MY)
Yushuang Yao, Seremban (MY)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,967,986

1. A semiconductor package comprising:a housing having a first side;
a second side opposite the first side;
a third side extending at an angle from the first side toward the second side;
an interior portion configured for housing a semiconductor device formed on a semiconductor substrate;
a first projection portion of the first side extending from the first side a first distance past the third side;
a second projection portion of the second side extending from the second side a second distance past the third side; and
a first attachment clip having a first end attached to the first projection portion and a second end attached to the second projection portion and having a main portion that extends between the first and second ends wherein the first end and the second end are substantially co-planar to the main portion; and
a loop in the main portion of the first attachment clip, the loop having a first portion extending from proximal to a central region of the main portion upwardly from the main portion and out of a plane of the main portion, the loop having a second portion extending from distal to the central region of the main portion and out of a plane of the main portion toward the first portion of the loop.