US Patent No. 9,967,963


Patent No. 9,967,963
Issue Date May 08, 2018
Title System And Method For Controlling Plasma Magnetic Field
Inventorship Ryan Walter Zindler, Surrey (CA)
Jonathan Damian Fraser, Vancouver (CA)
Assignee General Fusion Inc., Burnaby, British Columbia (CA)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,967,963

1. A system for controlling magnetic lifetime of a magnetized plasma, the system comprising:a controller comprising an input unit, a processing unit and an output unit;
a plurality of measuring probes positioned at various radial, axial and angular positions, each of the plurality of measuring probes configured to provide signals of at least one parameter of the plasma to the input unit of the controller; and
a power source in communication with the output unit of the controller, the power source configured to provide one or more additional current pulses to the system to increase a toroidal magnetic field of the plasma, and having means for adjusting an inductance-to-resistance (L/R) time constant of the power source to adjust a current decay of the current pulses,
the controller having a memory comprising program code executable by the processing unit to process the signals obtained from the plurality of measuring probes to detect an irregularity in the obtained signals and trigger the power source to provide an additional current pulse based on a detected irregularity in the signal of at least one probe,
wherein the L/R time constant of the power source is adjusted to be shorter than a shortest decay time of a poloidal field of the plasma.