US Patent No. 9,967,952


Patent No. 9,967,952
Issue Date May 08, 2018
Title Demand Response For Networked Distributed Lighting Systems
Inventorship Ashish Vijay Pandharipande, Eindhoven (NL)
Sri Andari Husen, Eindhoven (NL)
David Ricardo Caicedo Fernandez, Eindhoven (NL)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,967,952

1. A method for a luminaire communicatively connected to a local coordinator to manage light settings of the luminaire, wherein the luminaire comprises memory and one or more processors, the method being implemented by the local coordinator, and by program code accessed from the memory and executed on the one or more processors of the luminaire; the method comprising:providing, from the luminaire to the local coordinator, a control state of the luminaire, the control state comprising an occupancy status based on occupancy information sensed by an occupancy sensor of the luminaire;
at the coordinator, determining a power reduction factor for the luminaire indicating by how much power consumption of the luminaire is requested to be reduced, wherein the determination of the power reduction factor is based on the occupancy status provided to the local coordinator by the luminaire and on occupancy statuses provided to the local coordinator by the one or more additional luminaires;
receiving, at the luminaire from the local coordinator, the power reduction factor for the luminaire;
determining, at the luminaire, new illuminance settings for the luminaire by applying the received power reduction factor to current illuminance settings for the luminaire, wherein the illuminance settings comprise a target value for illuminance to be achieved within an illuminated space, the illuminated space comprising a sensing region of a light sensor of the luminaire;
providing an instruction to measure, at the luminaire, luminance within the sensing region of the light sensor of the luminaire while one or more light sources of the luminaire emit light according to one or more operating parameters, wherein the measured luminance comprises contribution from the light emitted by the one or more light sources of the luminaire and contribution from light emitted by light sources other than the one or more light sources of the luminaire;
based on the measured luminance at the luminaire, adjusting the one or more operating parameters to achieve the new illuminance settings.