US Patent No. 9,966,687


Patent No. 9,966,687
Issue Date May 08, 2018
Title Connector With Tpa
Inventorship John Luthy, Naperville, IL (US)
Steven Sousek, Lincoln, NE (US)
Assignee Molex, LLC, Lisle, IL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,966,687

1. A connector, the connector comprising:a housing with a base, the base including a first side and a second side and having a top surface that extends between the first and second side, the base including a channel; and
a terminal position assurance (TPA) member extending from the top surface of the base, the TPA member having a hinge that substantially extends from the first side to the second side of the base, the hinge extending from the top surface and connecting the TPA member to the top surface, the TPA member including a rear edge that is configured to rotate approximately one-hundred eighty (180) degrees so as to press against the base, the TPA member including a pushing flange that extends past the rear edge in a rearward direction, the pushing flange being configured to be inserted into the channel.