US Patent No. 9,956,925


Patent No. 9,956,925
Issue Date May 01, 2018
Title Attaching Structure Assembly For An Attached Component
Inventorship Kei Akazawa, Tochigi (JP)
Shohei Iwamoto, Saitama (JP)
Masakazu Hirai, Saitama (JP)
Assignee Newfrey LLC, New Britain, CT (US) Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,956,925

1. An attaching structure assembly for attaching an attached component to a panel component, the attaching structure assembly comprising:a clip including a panel engaging component structured to couple the clip to an aperture of the panel component, and a mating component structured to couple the clip to a clip holding component of the attached component; and
wherein the mating component of the clip has a base portion that is connected to the panel engaging component, a columnar portion that is erected perpendicularly to the base portion, a seat portion that is supported by the columnar portion, a locking tab that is provided on the top of the seat portion, flanges that extend downward from both ends of the seat portion, and a mating groove between the base portion and the flanges; and
wherein the clip holding component of the attached component has a base connecting portion inserted into the mating groove of the clip, an engaging component engaged with the locking tab to retain the clip in the clip holding component, a slit in the base connecting portion which receives the columnar portion, and base connecting portion ribs positioned to engage the flanges and limit movement of the clip;
wherein the clip and the attached component are separate components, each separately formed of a molded thermoplastic material.