US Patent No. 9,936,617


Patent No. 9,936,617
Issue Date April 03, 2018
Title Electromagnetic Interference Splice Shield
Inventorship Jason Robert Degen, Plymouth, MI (US)
Jesus Joel Pantino, Belleville, MI (US)
Matthew James Baker, Flatrock, MI (US)
Assignee Yazaki North America, Inc., Canton, MI (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,936,617

1. A splice device comprising:a splice shield for enclosing a junction between a first electrically conductive conduit and a second electrically conductive conduit;
a plurality of ferrules each respectively overlaying a portion of the first electrically conductive conduit and a portion of the second electrically conductive conduit; and
a plurality of ring collars each respectively overlaying and fixed to the plurality of ferrules, wherein the splice shield is fixed to the plurality of ring collars and serves to electromagnetically shield the junction from an external environment, and
wherein each of the plurality of ferrules includes a flanged portion acting as a stop which directly contacts the splice shield to retain the splice shield on the ring collars.