US Patent No. 9,936,602


Patent No. 9,936,602
Issue Date April 03, 2018
Title Systems And Methods For Configuring Power Supply Unit
Inventorship Chao-Jung Chen, Taoyuan (TW)
Chung-Kai Chen, Taoyuan (TW)
Chi-Fu Chen, Taoyuan (TW)
Assignee QUANTA COMPUTER INC., Taoyuan (TW)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,936,602

1. A rack system for housing one or more servers, the rack system comprising:a first housing associated with the rack system, the first housing storing a power supply unit (PSU);
a second housing having a first portion and a second portion, the second housing being associated with the rack system and storing at least one computer-readable memory device, wherein the first housing is positioned in a front of the rack system and in a central portion of the rack system between the first portion and the second portion of the second housing; and
a power distribution unit (PDU) connected to a power socket positioned in a central portion of a rear of the rack system, the power socket connected to a power cable that runs generally through a central portion of the rack system from the power socket to the PSU.