US Patent No. 9,936,551


Patent No. 9,936,551
Issue Date April 03, 2018
Title Led Driver For Powering An Led Unit From An Electronic Transformer
Inventorship Marc Saes, Son en Breugel (NL)
Petrus Johannes Maria Welten, Oss (NL)
Assignee ELDOLAB HOLDING B.V., Son en Breugel (NL)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,936,551

1. An LED driver comprisinga power converter for powering an LED unit;
a control unit for controlling the power converter;
the power converter comprising
an input terminal for receiving a rectified AC supply voltage originating from an electronic transformer, and
an output terminal for supplying an output current to the LED unit,
the control unit comprising
an input for receiving a supply signal representative of the supply voltage and
an output for providing a control signal to the power converter, whereby
the control unit is arranged to:
determine the control signal for controlling the power converter based on the supply signal, and
control at least one of the power converter and the LED unit to draw an input current from the input terminal, the input current comprising a pulsed current, wherein the input current prevents the electronic transformer from ceasing to supply the rectified AC supply voltage, and
wherein said driver further comprises an energy storage element connectable to the input terminal, the energy storage element comprising a capacitor, and
further comprising a first switch for connecting and disconnecting the energy storage element to the input terminal, the first switch being controlled by the control unit, to draw the pulsed current from the input terminal.