US Patent No. 9,932,943


Patent No. 9,932,943
Issue Date April 03, 2018
Title Filter Element
Inventorship Gene W. Brown, Franklin, TN (US)
Steven J. Merritt, Kearney, NE (US)
Assignee Baldwin Filters, Inc., Kearney, NE (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,932,943

1. An air filter cartridge comprising:(a) a media pack comprising a fluted media sheet secured to a facing media sheet, the media pack having an inlet flow face, an outlet flow face, and an axial length between the inlet flow face and the outlet flow face, wherein the media is closed to the flow of unfiltered air therethrough;
(b) a frame having a sidewall portion circumscribing the media pack and including a seal support, wherein the media pack is secured within the frame; and, the frame includes a plurality of apertures therethrough in a portion of the frame, the seal support and plurality of apertures are over and above the outlet flow face; and
(c) a seal arrangement secured on the seal support.