US Patent No. 9,932,307


Patent No. 9,932,307
Issue Date April 03, 2018
Title Process For Annealing Amorphous Atorvastatin
Inventorship Renuka Devi Reddy, Waterford, CT (US)
Evgenyi Shalaev, Dana Point, CA (US)
Ravi Mysore Shanker, Stonington, CT (US)
Carl Bernard Ziegler, East Lyme, CT (US)
Assignee Pfizer Inc., New York, NY (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,932,307

1. A process for annealing amorphous atorvastatin comprising irradiating amorphous atorvastatin with microwave at a frequency ranging from about 1 GHz to about 100 GHz and power of about 1 watt to about 3000 watts either in a continuous or pulse mode for a time period ranging from about 1 second to about 10 hours.