US Patent No. 9,907,220


Patent No. 9,907,220
Issue Date February 27, 2018
Title Storage Unit
Inventorship Alessandro Bilato, Creazzo (IT)
Giuseppe Garbin, Creazzo (IT)
Matteo Padoan, Sovizzo (IT)
Assignee Essegi System Service S.R.L., Creazzo (VI) (IT)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,907,220

1. A storage unit configured for the storage of objects, comprising:
a containment structure provided with at least one opening that communicates with the external environment, wherein said containment
structure houses the following:

an accumulation structure suited to accumulate a plurality of said objects, comprising a plurality of vertical walls spaced
from and facing each other and aligned one after the other along a first horizontal direction that is orthogonal to said vertical

a plurality of guide means present on at least one of the surfaces delimiting each one of said vertical walls and configured
so as to define second horizontal directions parallel to one another and orthogonal to said first horizontal direction, said
guide means comprising a plurality of recesses and a plurality of alternating projections arranged one after the other and
developing along said second horizontal directions in such a way as to give a lined appearance to each one of said surfaces
of said vertical wall;

a plurality of trays, in each one of which it is possible to identify:
at least one shaped housing comprising a shaped cavity provided in said tray (5) starting from its upper surface, said shaped cavity being configured to accommodate at least one of said objects;

shaped edges parallel to each other, arranged on opposite sides of said tray and each comprising at least one projecting tab,
configured so that they can be slidingly coupled in said guide means when said tray is inserted between any two of said consecutive
vertical walls;

moving means suited to move said trays with said objects, said moving means being configured so as to access said accumulation
structure and said opening and to insert/extract said trays in/from said guide means,

further comprising spacer elements suited to be superimposed to one another and to the upper surface of said tray and connection
means suited to removably connect said spacer elements to one another and to said upper surface to vary the depth of said
shaped housing of each one of said trays, wherein

the measurements of the height of each one of said spacer elements and of the length of said recesses are correlated with
each other according to the relation H?=L,

all of said recesses have the same length and the same distance, and all of said projections have the same thickness which
is equal to the thickness of said projecting tabs, said length, said height, said distance and said thicknesses being measured
along said vertical direction parallel to said vertical walls and orthogonal to said second horizontal directions.