US Patent No. 9,907,215


Patent No. 9,907,215
Issue Date February 27, 2018
Title Power Electronic Subassembly With Capacitor
Inventorship Roland Bittner, Stegaurach (DE)
Rainer Popp, Petersaurach (DE)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,907,215

1. A power electronic subassembly comprising:
a housing having an internally arranged cooling area, said cooling area being configured so that it can be cooled by a cooling
device integrated into said housing; and

a capacitor device arranged in said housing, said capacitor device having a capacitor with a first contact device of a first
polarity, a second contact device of a second polarity and a capacitor busbar system, said capacitor busbar system including
a first sheet-like shaped metal body and a second sheet-like shaped metal body;

wherein said first and second sheet-like shaped metal bodies are connected in an electrically conducting manner and are arranged
closely adjacent to one another over at least about 80% of their two-dimensional extent, and

wherein a first portion of said first shaped metal body has
a first subportion which is arranged parallel to and at a distance from said cooling area, and
a second subportion, which is in thermal contact with said cooling area, and which is connected to said first subportion by
an intermediate portion.