US Patent No. 9,903,052


Patent No. 9,903,052
Issue Date February 27, 2018
Title Lint Cleaning System For Cotton Processing
Inventorship John D. Wanjura, Tulia, TX (US)
Craig Bednarz, Idalou, TX (US)
Gregory A. Holt, Brownfield, TX (US)
Mathew G. Pelletier, Idalou, TX (US)
Assignee The United States of America, as represented by The Secretary of Agricultur...

Claim of US Patent No. 9,903,052

1. A cotton processing system, the system comprising at least one lint cleaning module, each lint cleaning module comprising:
an incoming air duct connected to an outgoing air duct;
a foreign material discharge aperture positioned between the incoming duct and the outgoing duct; and,
a supplemental air control vane positioned adjacent to the discharge aperture, the supplemental air control vane being positioned
to segregate a supplemental air source from the discharged foreign material;

wherein, the system is structured so that as an incoming airflow flows from the incoming duct to the outgoing duct, foreign
material in the incoming airflow is ejected through the discharge aperture, and simultaneously, the supplemental air control
vane controls a volume and a pathway of supplemental air entering the system through the discharge aperture.