US Patent No. 9,890,362


Patent No. 9,890,362
Issue Date February 13, 2018
Title Compositions, Methods And Uses For Inducing Viral Growth
Inventorship Dan T Stinchcomb, Fort Collins, CO (US)
Jill A. Livengood, Fort Collins, CO (US)
Richard Kinney, Fort Collins, CO (US)
Jorge Osorio, Mount Horeb, WI (US)
Assignee Takeda Vaccines, Inc., Cambridge, MA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,890,362

1. A method for culturing viruses for production and manufacture, the method comprising:
growing host cells;
introducing to the host cells a composition comprising media for growing viral cultures comprising one or more ethylene oxide
propylene oxide (EO-PO) block copolymers before, during, or after viral infection of the host cells; the one or more EO-PO
block copolymers comprising poloxamer 407, poloxamer 403, or a combination thereof, wherein the concentration of the EO-PO
block copolymer is from 0.001% to 3.0% (w/v);

introducing viruses to the host cells before, during or after introduction of the composition;
incubating the host cells, the viruses, and the media for a predetermined period to culture the viruses;
separating the media from the host cells; and
harvesting the cultured viruses from the media.