US Patent No. 9,883,608


Patent No. 9,883,608
Issue Date January 30, 2018
Title Cooling Device For Cooling A Switchgear Cabinet
Inventorship Michael Nicolai, Rabenau (DE)
Martin Doerrich, Mittenaar (DE)
Dieter Becker, Eschenburg (DE)
Andreas Meyer, Giessen (DE)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,883,608

1. A cooling device for cooling of a switchgear cabinet, comprising an air inlet side for warm air and an air outlet side
for cooled air, wherein a heat exchanger and at least one fan unit having a radial fan are located between the air inlet side
and the air outlet side, and wherein the fan unit creates an air stream through the heat exchanger having a main flow direction
between the air inlet side and the air outlet side, wherein the fan unit is located in the main flow direction behind the
heat exchanger, and wherein the fan unit comprises an intake and an ashlar-shaped fan box in which the radial fan is received,
wherein the fan box comprises an air outlet at at least one of four sides oriented parallel with respect to the main flow
direction and parallel with respect to a rotational axis of the radial fan, characterized in that the fan unit comprises an
air guide geometry, which air guide geometry comprises an end section that is connected to and extends perpendicularly from
a side of the fan box to a 90°-curvature, so that air exhausted from the radial fan is redirected into the main flow direction,
and wherein a separative element extends from the side of the fan box, and the end section of the air guide geometry and the
separative element extend the same height from the side of the fan box, the cooling device further comprising a plurality
of fan units, wherein adjacent fan units are arranged in such a way with respect to each other that they adjoin to each other
at least in sections along their respective air guide geometry, and wherein each fan unit comprises an intake, and wherein
at adjacent fan units the corresponding separative element that extends between opposing sides of the adjacent fan units guides
air exhausted from the air outlets of the adjacent fan units away from the intakes of the adjacent fan units.