US Patent No. 9,883,602


Patent No. 9,883,602
Issue Date January 30, 2018
Title Surround For Electrical Boxes
Inventorship Gabe Coscarella, Edmonton (CA)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,883,602

1. A surround for a utility box, the surround comprising:
a sheet of non-rigid, flexible, weatherproof material having a skirt portion, and a flange extending at least outward relative
to the skirt portion, the skirt defining a continuous weatherproof surface between the flange and an outer perimeter of the
skirt portion, the flange defining an opening within the skirt portion sized to provide access to an inner cavity of the utility
box, the flange extending inward toward the opening and having an inner diameter that is less than an outer diameter of the
utility box such that in use, the flange overlies a top edge of the utility box, the sheet being flexible and configured to
allow the opening to change size or shape in order to accommodate different sizes or shapes of utility boxes.