US Patent No. 9,883,576


Patent No. 9,883,576
Issue Date January 30, 2018
Title Low-power, Compact Piezoelectric Particle Emission
Inventorship Scott D. Kovaleski, Columbia, MO (US)
Brady B. Gall, Columbia, MO (US)
Andrew L. Benwell, Columbia, MO (US)
Peter Norgard, Columbia, MO (US)
James Vangordon, Columbia, MO (US)
Assignee The Curators of the University of Missouri, Columbia, MO (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,883,576

1. A low-power, compact piezoelectric neutron generator comprising:
a piezoelectric transformer crystal formed from a piezoelectric material having an input end and an output end;
an output electrode electrically connected to the output end;
a voltage source electrically connected to the input end to apply a first voltage to the crystal and create a second voltage
that is higher than the first voltage at the output end caused by the piezoelectric effect, the second voltage creating an
electric field generally originating at the output electrode; an ion source configured to produce a plurality of ions, the
ions being accelerated as an ion beam by the electric field, the ion beam having an ion beam path; and,

an ion target electrically connected to the output electrode, the ion target being positioned in the ion beam path so that
the charged particles interact with the ion target to generate neutrons;

a vacuum chamber containing the piezoelectric transformer crystal, the ion source and the ion target.