US Patent No. 9,881,126


Patent No. 9,881,126
Issue Date January 30, 2018
Title Arrangements For Viewing Clinical Images
Inventorship Joan Alvarez Del Castillo, Oxford (GB)
Kevin Scott Hakl, Oxford (GB)
Christian Mathers, Oxford (GB)
Abhinav Shanker, Oxford (GB)
Assignee Siemens PLC, Camberley (GB)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,881,126

1. A system for display of medical image data, comprising:
means for arranging data into a hierarchy of subsets, said data comprising data from a number of studies, each study comprising
data from one or more data capture sessions, with data from each capture session being reconstructed to produce a reconstruction,
said hierarchy comprising data arranged into multiple timepoint subsets that each pertain respectively to one clinically relevant
period of time, the data within each timepoint subset being divided into multiple acquisition subsets that each pertain respectively
to one clinical examination with the data within each acquisition being divided into one or more of said reconstructions;

means for displaying a selected subset of the medical image data from said hierarchy, said selected subject corresponding
to the one or more of said reconstructions.