US Patent No. 9,874,428


Patent No. 9,874,428
Issue Date January 23, 2018
Title Tape Measure With Compact Retraction System
Inventorship Collin J. Nelson, Milwaukee, WI (US)
David Andrew Wortelboer, Milwaukee, WI (US)
Kyle C. Anderson, Milwaukee, WI (US)
Abhijeet A. Khangar, Pewaukee, WI (US)
Jonathan F. Vitas, Muskego, WI (US)
Assignee Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation, Brookfield, WI (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,874,428

1. A tape measure comprising:
a housing;
a shaft coupled to the housing;
a tape reel rotatably mounted within the housing around the shaft, the tape reel comprising a radially outward facing surface
and a radially inward facing surface defining an interior reel cavity;

an elongate tape blade wound around the radially outward facing surface of the tape reel, the elongate tape blade having an
upper surface with a concave profile when extended from the housing;

a spiral spring located at least partially within the interior reel cavity and at least partially surrounded by the elongate
tape blade in the radial direction, the spiral spring is coupled between the tape reel and the shaft such that when the elongate
tape blade is unwound from the tape reel to extend from the housing the spiral spring stores energy and the spiral spring
releases energy driving rewinding of the elongate tape blade on to the tape reel;

a reduction gear train rotatably coupling the spiral spring to the tape reel such that, during extension of the elongate tape
blade from the housing, each full rotation of the tape reel is translated into less than a full rotation of the spring; and

a hook assembly coupled to an outer end of the elongate tape blade.