US Patent No. 9,868,300


Patent No. 9,868,300
Issue Date January 16, 2018
Title Led Illumination Source
Inventorship Alex Veis, Kadima (IL)
Assignee HP SCITEX LTD., Netanya (IL)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,868,300

1. An inkjet printer for printing using curable ink, the printer comprising a LED illumination source which includes one or
a plurality of LED illumination modules, each LED illumination module comprising a plurality of LED clusters, wherein each
LED cluster comprises a LED array which is rotated by an angle of rotation with respect to an axis which is parallel to a
predefined direction of sweep of the LED illumination source with respect to a substrate on which the printer prints, wherein
the angle of rotation is determined as a function of a reciprocal of k, where k is a number of LEDs in a row of any of the
LED clusters.