US Patent No. 9,860,878


Patent No. 9,860,878
Issue Date January 02, 2018
Title Base Station Apparatus And Control Channel Allocating Method
Inventorship Akihiko Nishio, Osaka (JP)
Seigo Nakao, Singapore (SG)
Assignee Panasonic Corporation, Osaka (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,860,878

1. An integrated circuit comprising:
receiving circuitry, which, in operation, controls reception of a control information that is transmitted on one or more consecutive
control channel elements (CCEs) from a base station apparatus; and

decoding circuitry, which, in operation, decodes the received control information in a search space, the search space being
comprised of a plurality of CCEs that includes the one or more consecutive CCEs, the plurality of CCEs starting on a CCE that
is determined from both a number of the one or more consecutive CCEs, and a total number of CCEs configured in a subframe
and a CCE index of a first CCE of the one or more consecutive CCEs being associated with an uplink resource.