US Patent No. 9,844,509


Patent No. 9,844,509
Issue Date December 19, 2017
Title High Throughput Fabrication Of Nanoparticles
Inventorship David M. Dewitt, Allston, MA (US)
Assignee PFIZER INC., New York, NY (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,844,509

1. A method of preparing nanoparticles comprising:
(a) providing:
(i) a first stock solution comprising an active agent and polymers admixed with one or more organic solvents;
(ii) a second stock solution comprising a surfactant and a solvent in aqueous phase;
(iii) a third stock solution comprising a water or buffer quench solution; and
(iv) a fourth stock solution comprising an aqueous carrier and beta-cyclodextrin;
(b) combining a volume of said first stock solution and a volume of said second stock solution to form an emulsification solution;
(c) emulsifying said emulsification solution;
(d) combining the emulsion formed in step (c) with a volume of the third stock solution; and
(e) adding a volume of the fourth stock solution to the solution formed in step (d); and separating beta-cyclodextrin and
dissolved unencapsulated active agent from the resulting solution.