US Patent No. 9,838,655


Patent No. 9,838,655
Issue Date December 05, 2017
Title Projector And Image Displaying Method
Inventorship Atsushi Kato, Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,838,655

1. A projector comprising:
a light source;
an image forming unit that includes a pixel area which is configured of a plurality of pixels, the plurality of pixels modulating
light that is emitted from the light source based on an input video signal to form an image;

a projection lens that projects the image that is formed by the image forming unit; and
a control unit that controls an image forming operation of the image forming unit,
wherein the control unit forms a frame image by sequentially forming a plurality of images in which a combined pixel which
is configured of a plurality of pixels is used as a pixel unit,

wherein, with respect to temporally continuous two images from among the plurality of images, the control unit forms one image
at a position that is shifted by a distance that corresponds to a pixel pitch of the pixel area in a predetermined direction
relative to the other image, and

wherein the projection lens has a Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) value, the MTF value being less than a predetermined
value relative to a spatial frequency that is determined by a size of the pixel of the pixel area and being equal to or greater
than the predetermined value relative to spatial frequency that is determined by a size of the combined pixel.