US Patent No. 9,837,768


Patent No. 9,837,768
Issue Date December 05, 2017
Title Direct Backplane Connector
Inventorship John Laurx, Aurora, IL (US)
Vivek Shah, Buffalo Grove, IL (US)
Assignee Molex, LLC, Lisle, IL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,837,768

1. An electrical connector, comprising:
a plurality of wafers positioned side by side, each wafer having a mounting side and a mating side, each wafer including a
first pair and a second pair of signal terminals with a ground terminal positioned between the first and second pairs, each
of the terminals of the pair of signal terminals having a tail, a body and a contact, wherein the bodies of the terminals
are aligned in a vertical alignment such that a body of the ground terminal is between the bodies of the two pairs of signal
terminals and wherein the contacts of each pair of signal terminals are in a horizontal alignment in the mating side, each
wafer further including a shield that is electrically connected to the ground terminal;

a shroud positioned on a mating side of the wafers, the shroud being insulative and supporting the contacts of the pair of
signal terminals in a side-by-side arrangement; and

a plurality of u-shields extending through the shroud, the u-shields each configured to partially shield a respective pair
of contacts, wherein the shroud includes a conductive element that connects the u-shields to the ground shield.