US Patent No. 9,832,918


Patent No. 9,832,918
Issue Date November 28, 2017
Title Emr Absorbing Server Vent
Inventorship Todd Durant, Hampstead, NH (US)
Noel Bolduc, Hooksett, NH (US)
Assignee Arc Technologies, Inc., Amesbury, MA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,832,918

1. A vent for use in an electronic device for absorbing electromagnetic radiation, comprising:
a body comprising at least one thermoplastic polymer and a radiation-absorbing filler distributed within said thermoplastic
polymer for absorbing electromagnetic radiation, wherein said filler comprises any of carbon black, carbon fiber, and graphene,

said body further comprising a plurality of openings,
wherein said body is adapted for coupling to a frame of an electronic device to absorb electromagnetic radiation and to allow
heat transfer via air flow through said openings between an interior of the frame and an external environment, and

wherein the vent exhibits an insertion loss greater than about ?5 dB for radiation frequencies in a range of about 1 GHz to
about 110 GHz.