US Patent No. 9,832,906


Patent No. 9,832,906
Issue Date November 28, 2017
Title Midplane Docking System
Inventorship Laurence A. Harvilchuck, Brackney, PA (US)
Alex Carl Worrall, Waterlooville (GB)
Assignee Seagate Technology LLC, Cupertino, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,832,906

1. An extendable connection system comprising:
a connector cable, the connector cable having a first end and a second end;
a male connector, the male connector connected to the first end of the connector cable, the male connector including a male
connecting mechanism;

a female connector, the female connector connected to the second end of the connector cable and including a female connecting
mechanism adapted to connect with the male connecting mechanism, wherein the male connector is extendable relative to the
female connector; and

a jacket surrounding at least a portion of one of the male connector, the female connector, and the connector cable, a top
opening of the jacket being larger than a bottom opening of the jacket.