US Patent No. 9,832,901


Patent No. 9,832,901
Issue Date November 28, 2017
Title Printed Circuit Board Mounting And Grounding Device
Inventorship Ralph W. Jensen, Steilacoom, WA (US)
Wesley B. Morgan, DuPont, WA (US)
James T. Goulding, Olympia, WA (US)
Assignee Intel Corporation, Santa Clara, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,832,901

1. A printed circuit board (PCB) assembly comprising:
a PCB having first and second through holes; and
at least one PCB mounting device coupled with the PCB to mount the PCB to a chassis, wherein the PCB mounting device includes:
a substantially U-shaped component having a non-linear portion, and first and second rods extending from the non-linear portion;

a housing having a substantially quadrangular base with first and second protrusions extending from first and second ends
of the base;

wherein the first and second rods extend through the protrusions,
wherein the protrusions include guiding ribs,
wherein the base with the protrusions and the non-linear portion of the U-shaped component form an opening to engage a mounting
element of the chassis, and

wherein extended portions of the first and second rods are inserted into and soldered to the first and second through holes
of the PCB, respectively, to electrically couple the PCB to the PCB mounting device and the chassis to ground the PCB.