US Patent No. 9,832,884


Patent No. 9,832,884
Issue Date November 28, 2017
Title Conductive Ball Mounting Device
Inventorship Chi Won Hwang, Suwon-Si (KR)
Assignee Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd., Suwon-si (KR)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,832,884

1. A conductive ball mounting device for mounting a conductive ball on a printed circuit board comprising:
a mask having a thickness equal to or larger than a diameter of a conductive ball and having an opening formed in the mask
and configured to be in contact with a printed circuit board so as to mount the conductive ball on the printed circuit board,
wherein the conductive ball is absorbed and desorbed into and from the opening;

a frame having a vacuum hole formed in the frame and formed to enclose sides and an upper portion of the mask; and
a porous member formed between the frame and the upper portion of the mask,
wherein the opening has a width and a depth equal to or larger than the diameter of the conductive ball,
wherein the vacuum hole and the opening are connected with each other through the porous member, and
wherein the frame includes:
an upper frame positioned on the mask; and
a side frame positioned at the side of the mask and having an upper half coupled to the upper frame to support the upper frame.