US Patent No. 9,796,548


Patent No. 9,796,548
Issue Date October 24, 2017
Title Print Media Transport Apparatus
Inventorship Alex Veis, Kadima (IL)
Yuval Dim, Moshav Haniel (IL)
Assignee HP SCITEX LTD., Netanya (IL)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,796,548

1. A print media transport apparatus comprising:
a plurality of pallets, each having a self-propulsion mechanism and being to support print media;
an endless track on which the plurality of pallets circulate, the track comprising a printing zone, a descending zone and
an ascending zone,

a controller to control the self-propulsion mechanisms of each of the pallets such that a pallet on the descending zone is
at least partially supported by another pallet which is ahead on the track, and a pallet on the ascending zone is at least
partially driven by pallet which follows on the track.