US Patent No. 9,786,416


Patent No. 9,786,416
Issue Date October 10, 2017
Title Tape Dispensing Tool
Inventorship Chadwick Alan Kerstetter, Richfield, PA (US)
Matthew Steven Houser, Jonestown, PA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,786,416

1. A tape dispensing tool comprising:
a holder assembly extending between a front and a rear, the holder assembly having a base portion that includes a hub configured
to extend through a core of a tape roll, the holder assembly also including a retainer head spaced apart from the base portion
by a neck portion, the holder assembly defining a recess along the front between the retainer head and the base portion, the
recess sized to receive a cable bundle therein, the retainer head configured to hold a distal end of a leader tape segment
of the tape roll such that the leader tape segment extends across the recess; and

an applicator member moveably coupled to the holder assembly and located rearward of the leader tape segment, the applicator
member including a receiving surface and a pressing surface that are angled relative to one another,

wherein the applicator member is configured to be moved by the cable bundle forcing a proximal portion of the leader tape
segment against the receiving surface of the applicator member as the cable bundle is received in the recess, the movement
of the applicator member causing the pressing surface thereof to force a distal portion of the leader tape segment against
the cable bundle to adhere the leader tape segment to the cable bundle.