US Patent No. 9,784,376


Patent No. 9,784,376
Issue Date October 10, 2017
Title Check Valve Assembly
Inventorship Yahia Abdelhamid, Onalaska, WI (US)
Scott Joseph Smerud, La Crosse, WI (US)
Scott Michael Branch, Tomah, WI (US)
John Robert Sauls, La Crosse, WI (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,784,376

1. A compressor having a system gas pressure, comprising:
a flow passage defining an inlet, an outlet, and a valve seat located proximate the inlet; and
a valve member, comprising:
a head portion engageable with the valve seat, the head portion having a front face, a rear face located closer to the outlet
than the front face, and a side face extending between the front and rear faces, the head portion further having a first convex
curvature formed between the front face and the side face;

a collar portion extending toward the outlet from the rear face of the head portion;
a stem portion extending toward the outlet from a rear end of the collar portion, a diameter of the head portion is larger
than a diameter of the collar portion, and the diameter of the collar portion is larger than a diameter of the stem portion;

a plurality of vanes extending radially outwardly from the collar portion,
wherein the valve assembly is operable between an open position and a closed position,
wherein when the valve assembly is in the closed position, the valve member is engaged with the valve seat at the front face
of the head portion by the system gas pressure that forces the valve member against the valve seat, thereby blocking the flow
passage, and

wherein when the system gas pressure moves the valve member away from the valve seat, the flow passage is opened and the valve
assembly is operated in the open position.