US Patent No. 9,783,280


Patent No. 9,783,280
Issue Date October 10, 2017
Title Double-deck Airplane
Inventorship Lars Vollers, Hamburg (DE)
Philip John Templeton Bradshaw, Bristol (GB)
Thierry Salmon, Toulouse (FR)
Assignee Airbus Operations (SAS), Toulouse (FR) Airbus Operations GmbH, Hamburg (D...

Claim of US Patent No. 9,783,280

1. A double-deck airplane for transporting passengers and/or cargo comprising a fuselage, a upper deck, a lower deck, a movable
partition wall on the upper deck or the lower deck, a lifting structure, landing gears and a propulsion system, wherein:
floors of the upper and lower decks are planar surfaces extending continuously inside the fuselage in at least an inner space
of the fuselage configured for a payload, wherein the upper and lower decks each extends in a plane continuously from a front
section of the fuselage to an empennage section of the airplane;

the lower deck is located at a height from the ground, while the aircraft is on the ground, configured to carry out passenger
embarking/disembarking via equipment incorporated in the airplane without any external airport ground equipment;

passenger or cargo compartments are distributed on the upper and lower decks;
the lifting structure is disposed in the airplane in a manner that no component of the lifting structure crosses the upper
and lower decks;

the movable partition wall is configured to separate the passenger compartment from the cargo compartment, the movable partition
wall extends from the floor of the lower or upper deck to a ceiling of the lower or upper deck and extends transversely from
a left wall to a right wall of the fuselage, and the movable partition wall is movable along a longitudinal direction of the
fuselage; and

a distribution of the inner space allocated to the passengers and/or cargo compartments is changeable by locating the partition
wall at different positions along the longitudinal direction of the fuselage.