US Patent No. 9,781,887


Patent No. 9,781,887
Issue Date October 10, 2017
Title Irrigation System With Et Based Seasonal Watering Adjustment And Soil Moisture Sensor Shutoff
Inventorship Peter J. Woytowitz, San Diego, CA (US)
Jeffery J. Kremicki, Cardiff by the Sea, CA (US)
Christopher M. Shearin, Murrieta, CA (US)
Assignee Hunter Industries, Inc., San Marcos, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,781,887

1. An irrigation system comprising:
a stand alone weather station comprising a temperature sensor configured to detect ambient air temperature at an irrigation
site and a solar radiation sensor configured to detect an amount of solar radiation at the irrigation site;

a soil moisture sensor configured to detect a level of soil moisture at the irrigation site; and
an irrigation controller operatively in communication with the soil moisture sensor and the stand alone weather station, the
irrigation controller configured to enable a user to enter a watering schedule including a run time and to manually adjust
the run time by a percentage, the irrigation controller comprising a computer processor, a memory storing programming implemented
by the computer processor, and a plurality of switches operatively connected to the computer processor and configured to control
a plurality of valves that deliver water to a plurality of sprinklers;

wherein the computer processor is configured to adjust the run time by the percentage, calculate an evapotranspiration (ET)
value based at least in part on the ambient air temperature and the amount of solar radiation, automatically increase or decrease
the percentage in response to the ET value, operate, in response to the user-entered watering schedule, ones of the plurality
of switches to control one or more of the plurality of valves, and automatically inhibit irrigation when the level of soil
moisture is above a threshold.