US Patent No. 9,751,219


Patent No. 9,751,219
Issue Date September 05, 2017
Title Umbilical Member Clamping Device For Clamping Umbilical Members Via Elastic Body
Inventorship Eiji Kono, Yamanashi (JP)
Hidenori Kurebayashi, Yamanashi (JP)
Assignee Fanuc Corporation, Yamanashi (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,751,219

1. An umbilical member clamping device configured to attach a plurality of umbilical members to an industrial robot, comprising:
a base member configured to be attached to a body of the robot;
an elastic body configured so as to surround a periphery of an umbilical member bundle including the umbilical members;
a clamp member secured to the base member and configured so as to press the umbilical member bundle to the base member via
the elastic body; and

a plurality of insert members inserted to a respective corner portion of a space which is configured to receive the umbilical
member bundle and which is defined by the clamp member and the base member when the clamp member is secured to the base member,
each of the insert members having a first side with a shape corresponding to a shape of the clamp member and a second side
having an arc shape corresponding to a shape of the elastic body, the insert members being spaced so as not to contact each
other, each of the insert members configured to allow a surface of the elastic body surrounding the umbilical members to contact
a surface of the clamp member;

wherein the first side of each of the plurality of insert members comprises a first surface perpendicular to a second surface
to define a corner; and

wherein the elastic body is provided in a form of a sheet which is configured to wind around the umbilical member bundle.