US Patent No. 9,748,703


Patent No. 9,748,703
Issue Date August 29, 2017
Title High Performance Cable With Faraday Ground Sleeve
Inventorship Frank T. Keyser, Elk Grove Village, IL (US)
Reggie Crane, Little Rock, AR (US)
Assignee Molex, LLC, Lisle, IL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,748,703

1. A cable connector, comprising:
a multi-wire cable, the multi-wire cable including a plurality of electrical wires, each electrical wire including a pair
of conductors encased in an insulative covering and an associated grounding shield extending over an exterior of the insulative

a connector housing, the connector housing including a hollow interior, the hollow interior including a circuit card disposed
therein, the circuit card including a plurality of termination contact pads connected to circuitry thereof and an exposed
ground plane, a free end of the multi-wire cable being received in a portion of the connector housing proximate the circuit
card; and

a carrier member for holding the electrical wires, as a group, in a preselected position and further interconnecting the grounding
shields together, the carrier member including a conductive body portion including a preselected width sufficient to permit
arrangement of all of the electrical wires thereupon in a pattern such that adjacent electrical wire pairs are separated by
intervening spaces, and a plurality of nest portions defining a plurality of hollow enclosures, each nest portion receiving
one of the electrical wires, the nest portions being interconnected together by base portions, the base portions including
mounting surfaces that contact the ground plane, the nest portions including contact surfaces for contacting the grounding
shields, the mounting surfaces being disposed between adjacent nest portions.