US Patent No. 9,747,295


Patent No. 9,747,295
Issue Date August 29, 2017
Title Updating A Large Dataset In An Enterprise Computer System
Inventorship Jawahar Antao, Overland Park, KS (US)
Assignee Sprint Communications Company L.P., Overland Park, KS (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,747,295

1. A method for creating, by an application executing on a computer, an updated dataset from an existing dataset, the existing
dataset comprising a plurality of existing records, each existing record comprising a plurality of fields, at least one field
in the plurality of fields being a unique identifier field, the unique identifier field comprising a unique identifier, wherein
the existing dataset comprises records of user interactions with mobile communication devices, the method comprising:
adding, by a database management tool executing on a computer, a temporary field to each existing record in a dataset by adding
a new column, the temporary field containing a first value defined as a default value for the new column, wherein the database
management tool does not provide an application programming interface (API) function for updating individual fields of records,
and wherein the database management tool supports fast access to records in a targeted advertising system;

copying a subset of the records in the dataset, by an application executing on a computer;
changing, by the application, at least one individual field in each of the copied subset of records to update the records;
changing, by the application, the temporary field to a second value different from the first value in the copied subset of

adding, by the database management tool, the subset of records to the dataset;
aggregating, by the database management tool, the dataset based on a selection criterion defined with reference to the temporary
field, wherein aggregating comprises identifying conflicts that comprise records that each have a unique identifier that is
the same, identifying a preferred record for each conflict based on the criterion and based on the temporary field values
of the conflicting records, and deleting records for each conflict that are not preferred;

deleting, by the database management tool, the temporary field from the records in the dataset, thereby creating an updated
dataset; and

periodically creating, by the application, an aggregated set of records based on the updated dataset, wherein each time the
aggregated set of records is created, the aggregated set of records is saved as a partition of the dataset, each partition
being saved for a multiple of a set period of time.