US Patent No. 9,737,720


Patent No. 9,737,720
Issue Date August 22, 2017
Title Cardiac Pacemaker And Uses Thereof
Inventorship Markus Meyer, Williston, VT (US)
Assignee The University of Vermont and State Agricultural College, Burlington, VT (...

Claim of US Patent No. 9,737,720

1. A cardiac pacemaker for implantation within a subject, the pacemaker comprising:
a housing;
at least one motion sensor configured to detect movement of the subject and produce output indicative of the movement; and
at least one processor in the housing, the at least one processor being responsive to the output from the sensor and configured
to produce a pacing signal when the output from the at least one motion sensor indicates the subject is at rest, the pacing
signal being configured to increase a heart rate of the subject above a resting heart rate level, wherein the pacing signal
is configured to stimulate remodeling of the subject's heart muscle.