US Patent No. 9,728,929


Patent No. 9,728,929
Issue Date August 08, 2017
Title Method For Electrically Connecting A Coaxial Conductor To A Circuit Carrier
Inventorship Patrik Patzner, Leonberg-Silberberg (DE)
Markus Reinhard, Kornwestheim (DE)
Alexander Lux, Ostfildern (DE)
Assignee Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart (DE)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,728,929

1. A method for electrically connecting a coaxial conductor to a circuit carrier, the method comprising:
electrically connecting, via at least one first contact conductor, an outer conductor to at least one first printed conductor
of the circuit carrier, wherein the circuit carrier has a top side and a bottom side, the at least one printed conductor being
situated at least on the top side of the circuit carrier, the coaxial conductor including an inner conductor and the outer
conductor, the coaxial conductor being led, at least partially, from the bottom side of the circuit carrier through a feedthrough
provided in the circuit carrier; and

electrically connecting, via at least one second contact conductor, the inner conductor to at least one second printed conductor
of the circuit carrier;

wherein the first and the second contact conductors each have a press-in connection at at least one of their contact points
with the circuit carrier or with the coaxial conductor;

wherein at least one of the first contact conductor and the second contact conductor in the area of contact with the outer
conductor or the inner conductor, respectively, has a C-shaped section, and acts on at least one of the outer conductor and
the inner conductor with an elastic force for the contacting.