US Patent No. 9,714,509


Patent No. 9,714,509
Issue Date July 25, 2017
Title Structural Glass Assemblies
Inventorship Timothy John Morgan, Manchester (GB)
Philip Glyn Thomas, Lancashire (GB)
John Hilton, Chesire (GB)
Assignee Pilkington Group Limited, St. Helens, Merseyside (GB)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,714,509

1. A glazing fitting for attaching a glazing panel to a building,
the glazing fitting being securable to the glazing panel,
the glazing fitting having a groove therein,
the glazing fitting being connectable with a mounting comprising a mounting member,
the mounting being securable to the building,
the groove having a shape which defines a hook portion,
the glazing panel being securable to the building by connecting the mounting member to the hook portion of the glazing fitting,

there is a shock absorber fixed in the groove by an adhesive, and
the glazing fitting is configured to be securable to the glazing panel via a bore in the glazing panel.